Case study

Visit England

The Challenge

In 2019, we successfully partnered with Visit England to deliver a campaign centred around the idea of taking short breaks in the UK, called “Microgaps”, and promoting domestic experiences and destinations to our UK audiences. Our 2020 campaign was centered on further developing the domestic #mymicrogap campaign for year.

The Strategy and The Tactic

We strongly believe that people listen to people, this is why we decided to combine two voices to promote the concept of Micro Gapping: the reliable voice of, spoken through strong creativity and display activity, and some of our travel influencers – the millennials’ voice.

We chose 4 destinations and 4 experiences and then we planned a 10 day trip in all these locations with some of our travel influencers to produce new content and distribute to their Instagram communities. We then enhanced the campaign with curated traffic drivers (activation banners and social competition).

The Results

  • over 4.8M Impressions

  • over 36.7K Clicks

  • over 33.7K Page Views


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