Data and insights guiding travel brands around the world.
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By capturing, analysing and interpreting first-party travel data coming from’ market-leading OTA and META websites, combined with the latest data science techniques, we help our clients to make better, more informed and timely marketing decisions to navigate an ever-changing and increasingly complex travel landscape.

Worldwide leaders in the online travel industry

Forward’s Travel Intelligence Unit analyses the search and booking flow coming from’ network of websites on a daily basis.

Furthermore, we have access to second-party data through our advertising technology stack and by working with thousands of travel brands across the world.

What sets us apart is our decades of experience in travel which enables us to report on current travel data and emerging trends with precision, helping our clients to make informed marketing decisions on the road to recovery.

Our brand new series of data-fuelled products

Travel / Pulse


Our Quarterly edition of Travel/Pulse covers all of the data sets report including predictive analysis on search trends and comparative search behaviour.

Travel / Pulse


Monthly or Quarterly Travel / Pulse reports tailored-made available by request. It provides data and insights tailored to your key markets or destination plus other broad-scale, global, predictive behavioural data that will help you build your next strategy.

Travel / Pulse


Our annual insight report, with enhancing data from our first-party data reputable to uncover emerging travel trends and present our travel marketing tips and best practices.

Our Methodology and Approach

Sourcing data based on specific parameters, eg. time period, geo, stage of the booking funnel, etc. filtering out all data rows returning errors.

Matching audience segments’ typology (eg. Couples, Friends, Solo, etc) combining the values coming from sub-segments of data points (eg. demographic, behavioural, etc).

Calculating and partitioning data dimensions such as ‘Lead Time’ and ‘Length of Travel’ and ‘Search and Booking Ratios’.

Generating a structured data architecture based on different levels, including but not limited to; route type, year, month, pax type, departure airport, arrival country, lead time and length of stay.

Our promise

All the data analysed represents first-party data from’ network of websites, aggregated by system procedures within a protected data warehouse (DWH) environment. All sourcing and reporting procedures used by FWD/TIU are based on this specified pool of data and is process-verified.

How our Travel Intelligence Unit can help you?

Monitor emerging travel trends and changes in audience behaviour – providing a holistic view to interpret travel intent data and understand market conditions.

Better predict future events – helping you understand how these might impact travel demand and navigate an increasingly complex travel landscape.

Stay competitive, developing new marketing strategies that connect in a more meaningful and personalised way with travellers.

Identify market strategies and explore business opportunities – enabling you to make informed business decisions.

Stay up to date and make faster decisions

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